We are two friends who met nearly 20 years ago in the bleachers while we watched our husbands coach football. Those Friday night lights were where this former home ec teacher and corporate world bestie began to dream about our future and the rest is history. Fast forward and we now have 5 kids between the two of us, our husbands are still loving football, and we are still dreaming! 

we refine and curate the meaning of all things home.

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Making spaces feel good and look beautiful makes my heart pump! I’ve been designing for friends and family for as long as I can remember. I had the opportunity to design a local coffee shop and can I tell you that combining coffee + design was an actual dream come true! Whether it’s a small pantry, an office space, large living room or a local business; creating a vision that transforms the way you feel and makes you smile every time you walk in that space is why we created Home Ec Interiors.

it all started in the classroom.

about us

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The Electives experience will give you ideas to make design decisions for specific areas in your home.


The Style Solutions experience is  perfect if you need help piecing things together, and your inner DIY is ready to order and install.

style solutions

Full Service is an all-in-one experience where we walk you through the design process and make your dreams a reality.

full service design

Full Service is an all-in-one experience where we walk you through the design process and make your dreams a reality. We handle all of the details of the design process such as, coordinating with contractors, shopping, deliveries, and installation. The Full Service Experience begins with a $250 1-hour, in-home consultation. During this time we will learn about your style and discuss how we can make your space functional and beautiful. After the consultation you will receive our recommendations and custom project proposal. The Full Service Experience will allow you to focus on your life while we curate a space that is uniquely you! 

Full service design

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Style Solutions is ideal if you are seeking a refresh for a specific space in your home or business. Go from feeling overwhelmed to relaxed! We provide a comprehensive design from layout plan to all the final touches.  Once you have received your custom design you are now ready to order and install. Our design team offers step-by-step instructions and project guidance along the way. 

The Style Solutions experience is available in person or virtually and includes:
* Design Consultation
* 2-D Design Concept Board
* 2-D Floor Plan (if applicable)
* Clickable Shopping List
* How-to Instructions
* Project Guidance 

Style Solutions

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The Electives, 'Designer for a Day' experience allows you to have a designer along side for the day. We get straight to work and provide inspiration to make decisions for specific areas in your home.  Our design team will come prepared for you to "pick our brain"  for 6 hours about your design dilemmas. Design and decisions are exhausting, so we provide lunch from a local favorite to complete the day.
Available on-site and virtually.

Here are a few examples of design problems our team is ready to solve:
* Wall Color + Covering Selection
* Styling + Accessorizing 
* Room layout with key design recommendations
* Hardware + Lighting


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